Saturday, December 11, 2010

J Micheal King, Tony Smith and Scottie Hodge -"Willie McTell"@ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 12/10/10

This is a marvelous version of "Willie MC Tell".
I have to say that this particular song and the version of "Summer Time" I posted at the beginning of this blog... Well, I think this is the perfect sound for Tony, Micheal and Scottie.
The camera mic does not do the sound justice. You need to come and hear it for yourself.

Ahhhhh! Another Great  Friday. I have to tell you that if you do not have one night every week that you do the same thing to enjoy your life..... you are missing out.  I have not had a routine night since my days at Clemson. Smiley's Acoustic Cafe for music and dinner from 6-9pm on Friday is a weekly event I will not miss.  Come on and learn from my mistake for not starting sooner. The only problem?! I think I see another routine night coming. Wednesday night seems to be calling me to food and music too. Maybe you should join me on Wednesdays! Ahhh.. Come on. Darby Wilcox will be performing this coming Wednesday 12/15/10 for the dinner hours. See you there.

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