Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Albert Rivera #2 performed @ Brown Street Club Greenville SC 12/11/10

This video can be bumped up to full HD quality. Double click on the video so you go to YouTube and once there, notice the 360. Click it and you will get to select a higher number for a higher quality view. Beware that if you get any jumping in the video, your connection is probably causing it. 
See the second Albert Rivera video below for comments.

Albert Rivera @ Brown Street Club Greenville SC 12/11/10

Who: Albert Rivera
Contact info: www.AlbertRiveraJazz.com

I love the long running flow of this piece.
This is one of two videos I was able to capture.
While listening to this video during my Sunday morning shower, I somehow came to a conclusion that Albert's work, to me, is a modern day Marice Ravel. Not that it sounds like Ravel but the way he has stretched jazz into a more visual realm as Ravel did for classical in his day over 100 yrs ago. The reason I find it funny is because later in the day, You Tube suggested a tag of "Bolero" for this video. Bolero is Ravel's most widely know work.  Then you have to toss in a little way early Pink Floyd psychedelica and it was all I could do to hold the camera in place because I simply wanted to kick back and chill. 
Watch for the second video because I was more free to explore the band with my camera as they performed. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ginger Wilson Jumps on stage with J Micheal King @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 12/10/10

Ginger has a powerful voice that has me wanting to see more. Her voice has a resonance that just reaches out and grabs you. I'm watching the schedules to see when she is up to sing more than one song.I'm curious.... very curious.

A Musical "Nite Cap", BIG Jar of JAMM @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC 12/11/10

A Musical "Nite Cap", BIG Jar of JAMM @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC 12/11/10

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Hey Joe" performed by Rickey Godfrey & Ryan @ Brown Street Club 12/11/10

Who: Rickey Godfrey
More Info: http://www.facebook.com/RickeyGodfrey  http://rickeygodfrey.wordpress.com/
CD: Nasty Man

Don't let the title of his new CD fool ya. It doesn't take long to realize that this guy is really a "cool cat" that simply loves to make the keyboard and his "main axe" sing. 

From where I was standing at the Brown Street Club( www.brownstreetclub.com ), Mr. Rickey Godfrey is one hardcore, wear out the strings picker. The man can literally make his "Axe" sing without even thinking twice about how to do it. Listen for yourself around 1min 18sec. and 5:45. I love the brute force, no mercy, no tenderness mastery of his string playing of this brutally blunt conversation that is ..."Hey Joe". 

After this nights performance, I will not miss another local performance by this man. In the words of someone I heard standing behind me, "This man is just plain cool!"

Oh! This brings up a point. When these magnificent performers have CD's available, GRAB one(pay first).

Think about what these people are doing for us!

When they pour out their love for the music so passionately, say "thank you" with a fat tip and buy their CD. I just wish they would be more obvious with a tip jar or something. I got home last night and realized that I forgot and sorta feel like I took something without paying for it. Besides, its worth every penny because performers like Rickey make it their life to give me and you a wonderful way to shed of the "heff" of the day. They are truly medicine men and women dispensing the days "Rx Relief" by pouring out their heart and soul right their in front of you. I know. The Whole gang of them has made a huge change in my life's experience of late. To all of you.... AND Ryan. You are loved!
And the venues... Buy a drink and enjoy their great food. Places like Brown Street Club, Smiley's Acoustic Cafe show their love by making sure quality "gigs" are always there to give you a place to enjoy yourself and your time. both of these places do this with absolutely NO COVER CHARGE! They are allowing you to decide how much you want to reward them for their service to you. 

Ask yourself.....

"Why do I work?"  Answer is.... to enjoy your time off from work! Oh Yes!
So loosen up the purse and let that hard earned money do what it is supposed to do and come sit with me and the gang listening to great music over a meal that can't be beat.   
So now I'll have to find Rickey and grab a couple CD's. Someone is getting a little Godfrey for Christmas! (pardon the pun. Sorry Mr. Godfrey.) 
Ok! Time to start a piggy bank to fund my new CD collection! This is going to be a blast!
OOOPS! Ryan.... 

Good Gosh! What a treat! I guess it never crossed my mind that he played because all i usually see is Ryan working the stage setup, sound, lighting and the video. I love a good surprise and this one made my day. Do it again!  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

J Micheal King, Tony Smith & Scottie Hodge, "Georgia"- Smile's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC 12/10/10

OOOPS! I never posted Catfish Po Boys "Summer Time", Scottie Hodge

I can't believe I did not post this version of "Summer Time" from early November. Check it out then see the latest video from last night that follows. I love to hear you sing Scottie! mmm!  By the way. Pardon the video quality. This one was published to YouTube before I figured out how to get the better resolution. I will republish soon.

J Micheal King, Tony Smith and Scottie Hodge -"Willie McTell"@ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 12/10/10

This is a marvelous version of "Willie MC Tell".
I have to say that this particular song and the version of "Summer Time" I posted at the beginning of this blog... Well, I think this is the perfect sound for Tony, Micheal and Scottie.
The camera mic does not do the sound justice. You need to come and hear it for yourself.

Ahhhhh! Another Great  Friday. I have to tell you that if you do not have one night every week that you do the same thing to enjoy your life..... you are missing out.  I have not had a routine night since my days at Clemson. Smiley's Acoustic Cafe for music and dinner from 6-9pm on Friday is a weekly event I will not miss.  Come on and learn from my mistake for not starting sooner. The only problem?! I think I see another routine night coming. Wednesday night seems to be calling me to food and music too. Maybe you should join me on Wednesdays! Ahhh.. Come on. Darby Wilcox will be performing this coming Wednesday 12/15/10 for the dinner hours. See you there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kelly Joe and the Connects @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC 12/10/2010

Kelly Joe and the Connects @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC 12/10/2010
This was a nice change. I think the the singer is Kelly Joe and they perform a lot of original music which I suspect she writes. If anyone would like to add information about this group, post a comment. 

I must say, again, Smiley's knows how to pick their performers. It's getting to the point where I'll be hanging out and diggin the great music three nights a week! I'm already up to eating there two nights. Whats one more? hahaha 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY AGAIN and time for J Micheal King, Tony and Scottie to kick off another music filled weekend. So why don't you get off your butt and join us at Smiley's 6-9pm for dinner and music. 
"Gotta love it!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freddie Vanderford and David Ezell playing @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 12/9/10

Wow! Wow!.... Look at what I was listening to while you were vegging out on you couch at home.  I  the boy can blow that harmonica. If you hear about Freddie Vanderford playing in your area, go check him out. I think he just released a CD. Look him up on FaceBook to find out more.
Dang! How does Smiley get to have so much fun bringing in these guy to perform for his patrons? Thanks to Smiley's Acoustic Cafe in Greenville SC,  I get to listen to great music ever week and taste some great food to boot!
I wonder how many harps he has in that big case. He had 7 or 8 on his hips.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Darby Wilcox with Tony Smith and J Michael King @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC11/28/10

Wow! At first.... I wasn't sure what I was about to hear from that Snail Ukulele ...but it only took about 30 seconds to realize(i'm slow) that I was hearing a refreshing breeze full of character with a unique sound that grows on you with every passing note that falls on the ears. She will be at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe in Greenville again 12/15/2010.
I'll be there and I have a funny feeling some of you will be too. mmm..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Larry Hoskinson at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Christmas Jam Greenville SC 12/04/10

Larry Hoskinson at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Christmas Jam Greenville SC 12/04/10 give a whole lotta love! Wow! Who is his teacher? I Want to do this too!

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Actual Proof" @ Brown Street Club Greenville SC, Hanvey Time Capsule Video

The group: "Actual Proof" from Charlotte NC playing at Brown St. Club Greenville SC November 19, 2010.
What a Great Friday! Early in the evening I enjoyed BlueGrass and Blues with dinner at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe. Then I was off to Corner Pocket to listen to The Gas Holes to top off the night. I figured I would sneak a peek in the door at Brown St Club to see who the heck "Actual Proof" is.
Immediately upon walking in the door they earned a "Wow! Wow! Wow!". I had no idea what I had walked in on. I grabbed my camera and this is what I experienced. It didn't take long before "Actual Proof" heard the fourth "WOW!"
Its not often I get to the level of a fourth "WOW!". The live experience? It has to go on your "Must Experience" list. www.actualproofband.com

I was stunned in a very surprised way. I have never imagined seeing a vibraphone up front a center and never find a moments desire to send it back to the side stage. I love the energy, the sound, the total freaking show! Enough said.Well, I can't stop yet...... one last word...... "REFRESHINGEXCITINGSHARPSNAPYSSSSSSSSJUSTWHATTHEDOCTOR ORDEREDWANTTOGRABMYGIRLANJUMPALLOVERTHEPLACEFUNWOW!"

Here is what I have learned about "Actual Proof". They are from Charlotte, North Carolina. The "vibraphonist" is Eric Mullis. Silas Aldridge is on the keys. Phillip Berkley III on the electric bass. Scott Brower on drums. I'm uncertain about the electric guitar but I will find out.
Eric! I heard several people comment about how much fun you were having. Hey, fellow! You huge Smile kept giving you away! HaHaHa!! Can't wait to see you perform again.

Actual Proof" from Charlotte NC playing at Brown St. Club Greenville SC

More... "Actual Proof" from Charlotte NC playing at Brown St. Club Greenville SC November 19, 2010.


An nice relaxing night with friends, good food... Ahhhhhh .. its a nice life

Remember, I am not attempting to produce studio quality music or images but I shoot all video in True HD quality. You Tube drops the quality and the lower light does make the video a little grainy. What I am attempting to capture is the "live feel" and "experience" of sharing time with the musicians so you can decide which venue and musicians you want to share time with when you want to do something besides sit on the couch and stare into the booby tube.

I can tell you that my immersion into the music of our DownTown Greenville Scene is the best thing I have done in a long time. I am meeting a lot of people and developing some wonderful friendships. So if you find yourself bored or simply have no routines that include nice musical experiences, join me DownTown Greenville. It is something you can truly enjoy as often as three to four nights a weeks, sometimes 5 or 6 nights. Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Cause we ended as lovers" - The Gas Holes,Greenville SC 11/13/2010

You have to listen to the entire video to understand. This is a live capture of a song The Gas Holes Played that I love to listen to repeatedly. I dislike that the lighting was set to fast flash from one color to another which played hard on the camera and I was too close to the loud speakers which over modulated the sound a little but i love hearing this one. They have played this several times and this variation is my favorite. I cut it to MP3 and added it to my ipod in the "top rated".
Way to go guys. Tony you are tearing up that bass and Larry.... wow! love to watch your fingers work those strings. it looks so natural and too easy for you.

Cause we ended as lovers - The Gas Holes,Greenville SC 11/13/2010

Sabra and Scottie Hodge... Ohhh so sweet... mmm

Sabra Callas & Scottie Hodge "Summertime" at Brown St. Club Greenville SC 11/10/10

Sabras beautiful guitar combined with the cool/sassy trumpet in the hands of Scottie Hodge combined for yet another unique rendition of "Summer Time".
You should see this live when she is back in town.(Dec. 4, 2010 visit her website for dates/venues) Come on down to Greenville when Sabra is on the schedule at Brown St. Club and hear for yourself.


Here is another one from The Gas Holes at Smiley's 11/18/10

Here is another one from The Gas Holes at Smiley's 11/18/10

The Gas Holes, Katie Rockwell sings "It Hurts So Bad!" @ Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 11/18/10

Here's another video of The Gas Holes when they were at Smiley's in Greenvile SC. I made several versions but this one was the most fun playing with the video effects. You have to check out Katie in the last minute when she hits notes at levels I still can't do myself! hahahaha And I better never be able to hit them either

Brown Street Club 11/10/10.. Relaxing dinner with friends

 Tuesday was another fine music night sitting with friends(Mama T and Scottie Hodge) Listening to Eric Barnhardt And Friends with Eric on (piano), Daniel Z (drums), John Brookshire (bass) at Brown St Club Greenville SC 11/30/10
You need to share this with your friends to let them know what they are missing by not being downtown for their evening dine with their sweetie. I dare you to sit in on this with your lover.... over some great food... a little fine wine with an occasional taste of you lovers lips. mmm or just do what I did. Meet some good friends and wish your sweetie was there with you.

I was joined by Mama T and Greenville's "Queen of Trumpet"... Scottie Hodge.