Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Albert Rivera @ Brown Street Club Greenville SC 12/11/10

Who: Albert Rivera
Contact info: www.AlbertRiveraJazz.com

I love the long running flow of this piece.
This is one of two videos I was able to capture.
While listening to this video during my Sunday morning shower, I somehow came to a conclusion that Albert's work, to me, is a modern day Marice Ravel. Not that it sounds like Ravel but the way he has stretched jazz into a more visual realm as Ravel did for classical in his day over 100 yrs ago. The reason I find it funny is because later in the day, You Tube suggested a tag of "Bolero" for this video. Bolero is Ravel's most widely know work.  Then you have to toss in a little way early Pink Floyd psychedelica and it was all I could do to hold the camera in place because I simply wanted to kick back and chill. 
Watch for the second video because I was more free to explore the band with my camera as they performed. 

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