Friday, December 3, 2010

"Actual Proof" @ Brown Street Club Greenville SC, Hanvey Time Capsule Video

The group: "Actual Proof" from Charlotte NC playing at Brown St. Club Greenville SC November 19, 2010.
What a Great Friday! Early in the evening I enjoyed BlueGrass and Blues with dinner at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe. Then I was off to Corner Pocket to listen to The Gas Holes to top off the night. I figured I would sneak a peek in the door at Brown St Club to see who the heck "Actual Proof" is.
Immediately upon walking in the door they earned a "Wow! Wow! Wow!". I had no idea what I had walked in on. I grabbed my camera and this is what I experienced. It didn't take long before "Actual Proof" heard the fourth "WOW!"
Its not often I get to the level of a fourth "WOW!". The live experience? It has to go on your "Must Experience" list.

I was stunned in a very surprised way. I have never imagined seeing a vibraphone up front a center and never find a moments desire to send it back to the side stage. I love the energy, the sound, the total freaking show! Enough said.Well, I can't stop yet...... one last word...... "REFRESHINGEXCITINGSHARPSNAPYSSSSSSSSJUSTWHATTHEDOCTOR ORDEREDWANTTOGRABMYGIRLANJUMPALLOVERTHEPLACEFUNWOW!"

Here is what I have learned about "Actual Proof". They are from Charlotte, North Carolina. The "vibraphonist" is Eric Mullis. Silas Aldridge is on the keys. Phillip Berkley III on the electric bass. Scott Brower on drums. I'm uncertain about the electric guitar but I will find out.
Eric! I heard several people comment about how much fun you were having. Hey, fellow! You huge Smile kept giving you away! HaHaHa!! Can't wait to see you perform again.

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