Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Cause we ended as lovers" - The Gas Holes,Greenville SC 11/13/2010

You have to listen to the entire video to understand. This is a live capture of a song The Gas Holes Played that I love to listen to repeatedly. I dislike that the lighting was set to fast flash from one color to another which played hard on the camera and I was too close to the loud speakers which over modulated the sound a little but i love hearing this one. They have played this several times and this variation is my favorite. I cut it to MP3 and added it to my ipod in the "top rated".
Way to go guys. Tony you are tearing up that bass and Larry.... wow! love to watch your fingers work those strings. it looks so natural and too easy for you.

Cause we ended as lovers - The Gas Holes,Greenville SC 11/13/2010

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