Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Hey Joe" performed by Rickey Godfrey & Ryan @ Brown Street Club 12/11/10

Who: Rickey Godfrey
More Info:
CD: Nasty Man

Don't let the title of his new CD fool ya. It doesn't take long to realize that this guy is really a "cool cat" that simply loves to make the keyboard and his "main axe" sing. 

From where I was standing at the Brown Street Club( ), Mr. Rickey Godfrey is one hardcore, wear out the strings picker. The man can literally make his "Axe" sing without even thinking twice about how to do it. Listen for yourself around 1min 18sec. and 5:45. I love the brute force, no mercy, no tenderness mastery of his string playing of this brutally blunt conversation that is ..."Hey Joe". 

After this nights performance, I will not miss another local performance by this man. In the words of someone I heard standing behind me, "This man is just plain cool!"

Oh! This brings up a point. When these magnificent performers have CD's available, GRAB one(pay first).

Think about what these people are doing for us!

When they pour out their love for the music so passionately, say "thank you" with a fat tip and buy their CD. I just wish they would be more obvious with a tip jar or something. I got home last night and realized that I forgot and sorta feel like I took something without paying for it. Besides, its worth every penny because performers like Rickey make it their life to give me and you a wonderful way to shed of the "heff" of the day. They are truly medicine men and women dispensing the days "Rx Relief" by pouring out their heart and soul right their in front of you. I know. The Whole gang of them has made a huge change in my life's experience of late. To all of you.... AND Ryan. You are loved!
And the venues... Buy a drink and enjoy their great food. Places like Brown Street Club, Smiley's Acoustic Cafe show their love by making sure quality "gigs" are always there to give you a place to enjoy yourself and your time. both of these places do this with absolutely NO COVER CHARGE! They are allowing you to decide how much you want to reward them for their service to you. 

Ask yourself.....

"Why do I work?"  Answer is.... to enjoy your time off from work! Oh Yes!
So loosen up the purse and let that hard earned money do what it is supposed to do and come sit with me and the gang listening to great music over a meal that can't be beat.   
So now I'll have to find Rickey and grab a couple CD's. Someone is getting a little Godfrey for Christmas! (pardon the pun. Sorry Mr. Godfrey.) 
Ok! Time to start a piggy bank to fund my new CD collection! This is going to be a blast!
OOOPS! Ryan.... 

Good Gosh! What a treat! I guess it never crossed my mind that he played because all i usually see is Ryan working the stage setup, sound, lighting and the video. I love a good surprise and this one made my day. Do it again!  

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